Everything we do at the Impact Finance Center is focused on our mission to advance the field of impact investing.

Our research has shown that impact investing suffers from an under-developed supply side – there simply aren’t enough asset holders looking to make impact-oriented investments. To remedy this, our work is focused on “priming” the supply-side pump in three ways:

Through education efforts, we raise awareness of impact investing and create a larger set of impact-investment-savvy investors and investees ready to make deals. Want to know more about our latest transaction clinic? Click here.

Through research efforts, we advance the academic understanding of the impact investment landscape. (How much money is out there for transactions? What are the roadblocks to increased investment?) We then disseminate industry-leading best practices to the broader market. For information on our latest research project, click here.

And through advisory services, we bring our expertise directly to foundations, nonprofits, family offices, and other interested groups in a consulting capacity. To learn more about what clients we’re helping and how, click here.

IFC’s “big tent” approach is meant to benefit novices and experts alike.


In addition to the aforementioned efforts, IFC has embarked on an additional flagship project: The Colorado Impact Initiative. This initiative is designed to investigate the demand side of impact investing capital and allows IFC to match those seeking funds with those looking to invest funds into worthy projects.

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