Community Foundations & Impact Investing

Thank you so much for reaching out to us at Impact Finance Center with your offer to review the Community Foundation & Impact Investing Course.

Course Description: The following is a Version 1.0 of the Community Foundations & Impact Investing course. This course is for staff, trustees, donors, and other community stakeholders and outlines through the Impact Audit, 26 ways for a community foundation to reduce costs, increase revenue, reduce risk, and most importantly increase impact aligned with the community foundation's mission. If you would like to continue to learn more, we offer a customized IFC Impact Fellowship starting at $2,500 as a professional development opportunity to assist in your both learning and applying the Impact Audit. If you are ready to implement some or all of the Impact Audit into your organization, we offer the Outsourced Impact Lab (I-Lab). The I-Lab will be providing the community foundation with an outsourced capacity-building solution whereby our IFC Senior Advisors of 30+ experts will work with your community foundation to train staff, trustees, donors, and grantees, set up internal programs such as the Community Foundation Impact Investing Education Institute and Impact Investing Giving Circles for a limited term.

IFC Online Course Evolution: Each course starts with a presentation, and through our 3 part process, we will take a well-received presentation and convert it into a professional, high-quality evidenced-based tested online course. 

  • Version 1.0: Screen captured course. Requested edits are for a) content, b) flow, and c) and graphics

  • Version 2.0: Amateur filmed and video edited course. Requested edits are for a) content, b) flow, and c) graphics, and d) tone/delivery. We will pilot V 2.0 Course on Udemy.

  • Version 3.0: Professionally filmed, edited and evaluated and restructured with evidenced-based online learner expert. We will pilot V 3.0 Course on Udemy and then removed to create into the Impact Investing Education Institute platform. 

Length of the Course: 4 hours
Topics: Investment Beliefs, Decision Based Attribution Evaluation, Investment Policy Statement, Environmental Social Governance