Everyday Heroes:

Impact Investing Stories from the Field

nicole bagley - may 31, 2018

Dr. Stephanie Gripne will interview Nicole Bagley about her journey from traditional investing and philanthropy to impact investing. Nicole took action to ensure that her investments would support her values without sacrificing returns. Nicole relied on strong mentors and advisors to help her shift her investment strategy and is now an ardent advocate and mentor to others. Three years ago, Nicole made her first direct investment and began updating the governance of the private foundations she leads. Since then, she has invested in Colorado social ventures such as RevolarSilvernest and Next Wave Venture; and nationally in such vehicles as the Urban Innovation Fund. Nicole will also share how building a trusted network and learning from groups such as CO Impact Days & CO Impact Initiatives have been important to her journey. Nicole also will discuss how she's taking lessons learned in Colorado from the Impact Finance Center and the state's impact investing community to support the growth of impact investing in her home state of Georgia.

Nicole focuses on positive social change and female empowerment in her work as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. She leads the Brenn Foundation, which hosts thought-provoking, action-oriented gatherings regarding the world's most complex issues; she is the Vice President of the Arca Foundation, which advances equity, justice and human rights; and, she is a board member of the Sapelo Foundation, which promotes progressive social change and works to enhance and preserve the natural environment in Georgia. She is active in the Colorado impact community through her direct investments in early-stage companies and her membership in Investors' Circle, Beyond our Borders and CO Impact Days.

Stephanie is the creative force behind the Impact Finance Center, which she founded in 2013. As an
academic entrepreneur, philanthropic advisor, researcher and educator in the field of impact investing,
Stephanie sets the vision and provides leadership for the entire organization. She has 20 years of experience at the intersection of business and natural resources, working for the
EcoProducts Fund $100 Ecosystem Service private equity fund, the Nature Conservancy, the USDA
Forest Service, DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Journal of Wildlife Management and
several universities. Stephanie received her Ph.D. from the Boone and Crockett Wildlife Conservation Program at the University of Montana. She is an Aspen Institute Environment Forum Scholar,
Environmental Leadership Senior Fellow, Property Environment Research Center Fellow,
Ford Foundation Community Forestry Fellow, and Boone and Crockett Professional Member.

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