Impact Finance Center Custom Training

The Impact Finance Center delivers world-class training to individuals and organizations.


Impact Investing fellowship

Whether you’re an individual or a representative in a role such as a program officer, development director, or a director of corporate responsibility, this course is for you!

This custom program will be designed around your needs, schedules, and learning objectives with conducive one-on-one lesson plans.

board of trustees - group training

Custom training for boards, foundations, family offices, and corporations. IFC will fly out to your location and deliver expert training, led by Dr. Stephanie Gripne in partnership with Senior Advisers.

You will work with professional teams that will meet the trustees where they are at to establish and meet clear goals.

Impact Investing giving circles

Harness the power and tradition of Philanthropic Giving Circles and Immigrant Lending Circles, IFC has developed a model to educate would-be impact investors in a low risk, entry-level environment.

The Impact Investing Giving Circle (IIGC), is structured as a donor-advised fund or field of interest fund.