The Impact Finance Center is dedicated to catalyzing investments that produce enduring value for the investor, society, and our environment.  We believe that every investment has an impact – our job is to help our clients and partners understand those impacts on a broader scale and maximize the benefits while minimizing unintended harm.

IFC is distinguished not just in the depth of our transaction expertise, but also in our dedication to intellectual thought leadership. As an academic research center that combines outstanding students and experienced practitioners, we offer an unrivaled blend of practical experience, cutting-edge scholarship and independent thought. And because we are a nonprofit enterprise, we work hard to ensure that our findings are quickly disseminated throughout the market.

Working with IFC means advancing your own understanding of impact investing and advancing the impact investing field as a whole.

IFC is a nonprofit in partnership with the Sustainable Endowments Institute and the Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference, led from Colorado State University and connecting more than 250 scholars around the world to the advancement and accumulation of knowledge and practice in the industry. This allows us to share our cutting-edge research, education, and thought leadership across every sector.




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