How do we catalyze $1T of impact investments?

Thank you for the opportunity to better inform you about Impact Finance Center (IFC)CO Impact Days, CO Impact Investing Education Institute and our plans to scale, replicate, and create the National Impact Investing Marketplace. Just as Accelerators such as TechStars, Village Capital, or 500 Startups identify, educate, and invest in entrepreneurs, Impact Finance Center is an Accelerator for the asset owners, where we identify, educate, and activate early adopter philanthropists and investors who want to become impact investors. IFC was founded in 2012 and is a nonprofit academic center that forms partnerships with academic institutions. Founded in 2015, IFC’s flagship initiative, CO Impact Days and CO Impact Investing Education Institute, a three year effort to catalyze $100M of investment in social ventures and is the first-ever statewide marketplace for impact investing and Phase 1 of the National Impact Investing Marketplace. Since inception, we completed over 170 presentations and courses to over 5,000 participants as part of CO Impact Education Institute and CO Impact Days 2016 and 2017 together showcased more than 150 social ventures, connecting them to mentors, partners, and impact investment capital.  We are embarking on a formal evaluation of direct, indirect, and community successes from 2015-17. Early estimates indicate that 258 direct impact investments of $201M have been completed, in addition to upgrading the governance of several asset owners.

How do we create the National Impact Investing Marketplace? We do it by scaling CO Impact Days and Impact Investing Education Institute to a regional Rocky Mountain Impact Days and Impact Investing Education Institute while replicating it throughout the U.S to develop six regional marketplaces.

We have all the pieces of the puzzle on the table. Now we need to commercialize and scale the solution.

Our goal is to create the National Impact Investing Marketplace by 2030.

Our strategy is simple.

  1. We need to grow more impact investors faster and more efficiently

  2. We create a self-sustaining financial model for Impact Days and Initiative.

 The five tactics will use to achieve that will be

  1. Formalizing our education and launching Impact Investing Education Institute. In person courses for community foundations, investors, nonprofits and social enterprises, startups, corporate strategics, law, accounting, program officers, trustees, etc. will be converted to online and hybrid livestreaming courses.

  2. Launch pilot Impact Investing Giving Circles that will recruit new philanthropists and investors

  3. Develop a social enterprise model for Impact Finance Center (IFC)CO Impact Days, Impact Investing Education Institute that will result in a financially self-sustaining social enterprise.

  4. Create the National Who's Who and Impact Investing Directory expanding our Rocky Mountain Who's Who and Impact Investing.

  5. Socialize and the “Impact Guide” or Outsourced Chief Investment Advisor position and Impact Lab partnerships, or outsourced impact investing department to provide curriculum, education, and technical assistance for higher education institutions, community foundations, and other asset owners.

You can read how it fits into our national vision that was published in the Foundation Review this past year ”Laying the Groundwork of the National Impact Investing Marketplace,” which builds off of the Forbes article.

We look forward to your feedback.


IFC is a nonprofit in partnership with the Sustainable Endowments Institute and the Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference, led from Colorado State University and connecting more than scholars around the world to the advancement and accumulation of knowledge and practice in the industry. This allows us to share our cutting-edge research, education, and thought leadership across every sector.

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I’ve been in the field of aligning money with values and business, since the early 80’s. I wrote a book about it and do many interviews and talks on the topic. Watching Stephanie map an overview of the diverse strategies and creative possibilities for moving money towards positive impact, was by far the best, most action-packed, cogent, eye-opening presentation and overview of the field that I have ever experienced. Talk to Stephanie. Book her to speak to your group. Encourage her to write a book, do video training, or clone herself. You will be doing a great service for the world. Her presentation of the comprehensive strategies available to influence and leverage capital for the betterment of communities and issues will give rich dividends.
Put on your seatbelt!
— Joel Solomon, Chair-Renewal Funds, Author-"The Clean Money Revolution